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A class of preschool children learning how to form a "U" shape with their fingers
About Us

About the Team

We are a like-minded, experienced group of professional educators, executives and managers who are passionate about supporting children’s learning and development. Many of us have worked together before and are excited to reunite to build a truly unique Kindergarten experience for Singaporean and expatriate children and their families.
Principal Angelia Than
Angelia Than

Angelia has set her life-long ambition to be an educator from an early age. Having been in education since 2003, Angelia brings along her vast experience working in many different preschool settings. She graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood with Leadership and subsequently a degree in Early Childhood and Management. Upon completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood and Management, she has been involved in many management roles such as setting up new preschools and mentoring new teachers.

Angelia has received several awards from the Ministry of Education (Singapore). She has been a finalist recipient for the MoE (Singapore) Kindergarten Teacher award and Best Team Practices award. Angelia was also nominated to go on a Best Practices exchange to Budapest, Hungary where she visited five different preschools.

Angelia’s philosophy for early years is that the preschool environment and the staff play pivotal roles in building children’s sense of security. When a child feels secure and loved, he/she will flourish and grow. She strongly believes that home-school partnerships are important in supporting a child’s growth.

FUN FACT: Angelia longs for the stage! She is trained in Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultural dance. She can’t wait to fly through the air and try aerial dancing!

Receptionist Cherry Dequina
Cherry Dequina

Cherry received a full scholarship to study Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Cherry worked in the Maldives within the hospitality industry and it was a dream come true! She enjoyed meeting and mingling with people from different cultures and from all over the world!

Having been in the education industry for more than a year now, Cherry has found her new passion. Working with the children and their families has been a truly enjoyable experience. Their simple ‘hi’ and ‘hellos’ and their pure and innocent smiles brighten her every day!

Cherry is an outgoing person who loves to do outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, and running. She believes that for a long, healthy, and happy life you need to find ikigai, the age-old Japanese ideology that’s long been associated with the nation’s long-life expectancy. It is used to describe value or worth, ikigai is all about finding joy in life through purpose.

FUN FACT: So you think you can dance? When Cherry was young, she used to compete in ballroom dance competitions. She is always ready to take the stage!

Lead English Teacher Rissa Yang
Rissa Yang
Lead English Teacher

Rissa has had a wonderful time working with children, families, and other stakeholders in the early childhood sector for sixteen years now. This experience has provided her with many valuable opportunities for self-discovery and growth. She is enjoying a fulfilling learning journey with everyone in Primus.

Rissa enjoys designing learning environments and curriculum to meet the needs of her students from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

As an advocate for life-long learning, Rissa attends workshops and courses frequently.
Rissa has obtained her professional qualifications with a Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, and Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, Boston University (USA).

Rissa believes that young children learn best with hands-on meaningful experiences. She holds closely this very quote from Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

FUN FACT: Education is compulsory in Bhutan, though many of the country’s children still do not have access to public schooling. Rissa hopes to be able to sone day set up a pre-school in Bhutan!

Chinese Lead Teacher Chen Qing
Chen Qing
Lead Chinese Teacher

Chen Qing brings with her 35 years of experience in teaching early learners. She was the Head of the Chinese Department at a Montessori kindergarten and in charge of designing the curriculum and managing a team of teachers before joining Primus Schoolhouse.

Chen Qing is well-versed in early childhood pedagogy, child psychology, Chinese dance, and Chinese brush painting. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Special Education and a degree in Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education. In the first half of 2022, Chen Qing will have completed her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.

Chen Qing is passionate about early childhood education and deeply believes that each child has the potential to flourish. She is looking forward to guiding, collaborating, and supporting your child’s growth.

FUN FACT: If you see Chen Qing wearing a white coat in a traditional Chinese clinic, do not be surprised, as becoming a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor is her second dream.

Learning Enhancement Assistant Ain Marzuki
Ain Marzuki

Lead English Teacher

Ain has been working in the Early Childhood Education industry since 2016. She has experience being a Trainee teacher, an Assistant Educator, and a Room Leader/Supervising Leader. She worked for 4 years in Western Australia after receiving her qualification.

As an educator, Ain strives for creativity. It is one of her strengths and she loves setting up creative educational environments for children to be engaged in. She believes children are unique in their individual ways and that children learn in different ways.

Ain believes it is important to build genuine relationships with families to nurture a sense of belonging. She feels that children learn and grow best in a warm, safe, and positive environment. She strives to guide and nurture each child’s individual needs. SAin is amazed that she plays such an important and positive role in a child’s early years and is grateful that she has found her passion.

FUN FACT: Ain has been playing the guitar since she was 12 years old!

Lead Chinese Teacher Meng Zhao Ying
Meng Zhao Ying
Lead Chinese Teacher

Zhao Ying is a passionate early childhood educator who has dedicated 30 years of her working life to teaching Chinese to young children.

Zhao Ying has a Diploma in Teaching Chinese Language and is also a specialist in teaching Speech and Drama. She is currently taking an undergraduate course in Chinese at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Zhao Ying believes that every child is unique. As teachers, we should be good at discovering each child’s learning characteristics and helping them to reach their potential. Learning activities are designed to be fun and to engage the various senses and skills of young children to mobilize their thirst for knowledge and help them build a wide range of skills.

FUN FACT: Zhao Ying loves to challenge herself. Her achievements range from a half-marathon to paragliding in Nepal, and zip-lining in Laos!

Learning Enhancement Assistant Nur Erika Eliana Binte Normin
Nur Erika Eliana Binte Normin
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Erika has recently completed her Fundamentals Certification of Early Childhood Care & Education. She is passionate to teach as she hopes to inspire young minds and grow with them through their developmental milestones. Erika is looking forward to embarking on a learning journey with each and every child.

Erika is pleased to be a part of the Primus family and work alongside other amazing teachers. Making a difference in the lives of the children is her passion. She seeks to provide a safe space for every child and to watch them grow into strong independent children.

FUN FACT: Who would have guessed that JJ Lin’s biggest fan is right here at Primus! Erika dreams of becoming a barista for his world-famous coffee shop – Miracle Coffee.

Learning Enhancement Assistant Nur Syazwani Binte Ariffin
Nur Syazwani Binte Ariffin
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Wani has been in the early childhood sector for 12 years. Her experience includes teaching in a Montessori kindergarten and local preschools, and daycare centres.

Wani is professionally trained in Early Childhood with a WSQ Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Care & Education and 2020, a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching from Ngee Ann Polytechnic/National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC).

As an educator, Wani takes pride in nurturing and guiding children to discover the joy of learning and maximise each child’s potential. She truly believes that the early years in a child’s life are the most essential period to develop social skills, responsibility, and independence

FUN FACT: Wani enjoys cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, but she has a long way to go before participating in the Great British Bake Off!

Lead English Teacher Sharina Shahri
Sharina Shahri
Lead English Teacher

Sharina has been in the Early Childhood industry since 2011. She has worked in local childcare centres and kindergartens. Having pursued her interest in special needs, she completed a Specialist Diploma in Special Education Needs (Preschool) in 2019. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts Education (Early Years Leadership) with Birmingham City University (UK).

As an Early Childhood Educator, Sharina believes that building trust and genuine relationships with the children is essential in instilling security, comfort, and confidence in their environment. She understands that all children learn and develop in different ways and at varying paces. That is why she also believes it is essential to work with their strengths and provide them with a warm, nurturing, and creative environment for them to thrive.

FUN FACT: Sharina has always been fascinated with animals and will never forget her experience swimming next to blacktip reef sharks! She hopes that she will get to travel the world and cruise along the beaches with her longboard one day.

Lead Chinese Teacher Lea Deinn
Lea Deinn
Lead Chinese Teacher

Lea Deinn is a qualified early childhood educator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood & Family Education from the National Taiwan University of Education (NTUE). She has been teaching Chinese for the past 8 years.

Before joining Primus Schoolhouse, Lea Deinn taught at schools that cater to local and international students in Singapore. She specialises in thematic-based teaching and learning corner approaches.

Lea Deinn strives to create a warm and fun environment in her classes. She believes that learning through play and exploration engages her students to be focused, happy, and creative.

FUN FACT: Cakes, bread, and Mantou! Lea Deinn loves to bake and cannot wait to get into the kitchen to start her next delectable creation!

Learning Enhancement Assistant Priya Periasamy
Priya Periasamy
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Priya has been in the Early Childhood field for the past 10 years. She is a Learning Enhancement Assistant for our younger children at Primus Schoolhouse. Priya has recently embarked on a new journey in her early year’s certification with the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC)

Priya is passionate and loves building confidence in our little ones. She is gentle and always goes the extra mile with her helpfulness. Priya uses her creativity and her passion for art to bring about a dynamic experience to the classroom. She believes that children are the gifts of our future and as an educator, she prides herself in creating a rich environment of versatility and creativity for them.

Priya believes “It’s always meaningful to be a part of the little one’s life journey. Seeing them learn new things; watching them grow every day makes me grow as well. I am thrilled and excited to be working with your child and ensuring them a safe and smooth journey in school! “

FUN FACT: Priya would secretly love to go on a solo trip to Istanbul and Rajasthan to experience the culture and taste the exquisite food!

Lead English Teacher Dhalia Ralip MacCallum
Dhalia Ralip MacCallum
Lead English Teacher

Dhalia is a passionate early childhood professional with 7 years experience of teaching in local and international schools.

Dhalia holds a First-Class Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Studies from Birmingham City University (UK) and a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (SG). Through her studies and experiences, she is well-versed in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) curriculums. Dhalia has a keen interest in language and literacy development and effective technology integration in the early years.

As an educator, Dhalia greatly advocates that young children learn best through play. She also believes that a positive learning environment and good partnerships with parents are instrumental in achieving young learners’ optimal holistic development.

FUN FACT: Dhalia enjoys having unique experiences in her travels. She has dived in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and went map-less in the Blue City of Morocco. An item on her bucket list is glacier kayaking in Alaska.

Lead Chinese Teacher Chen Mei
Chen Mei
Lead Chinese Teacher

Chen Mei is a qualified early childhood teacher with 7 years of teaching experience.

Chen Mei is a professional cultural dancer who loves playing the piano. She has conducted speech and drama classes and organised graduation concerts for kindergarten children. She enjoys being with young children, helping them to learn and develop their various skills.

Chen Mei always is motivated to acquire more knowledge in this profession to bring out the best in our children.

FUN FACT: Chen Mei is trained in the art of traditional Chinese dance as well as the Hulusi flute – a wind instrument native to China.

Learning Enhancement Assistant Angie Ng
Angie Ng
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Angie completed her Advanced Diploma in Early Years Teaching (Kindergarten) and worked in Kindergartens for ten years, teaching all levels as a class teacher. She has led various projects with schools, for example, the Innovation Guidance Project.

In her class, Angie carefully plans to ensure differentiated learning to cater to the children’s learning styles. She enjoys creating engaging and fun learning experiences for the children.

Angie believes that children develop holistically when they are given time and a wide range of opportunities. Children learn best under loving conditions, where they can put their trust in their teachers to guide them in all aspects of their learning.

FUN FACT: As a little girl, Angie has always wanted to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Learning Enhancement Assistant Veronika Bernard (Veron)
Veronika Bernard (Veron)
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Veron has been working in Early Childhood Education for over 15 years. She is enthusiastic about supporting young children and their families. She looks forward to being a part of their learning journey especially celebrating their every milestone. Seeing the joy on their faces is truly rewarding and memorable.

Veron has obtained her Diploma with the Linguistic Council, a Certificate in Child Psychology & Counselling, and completed her Early Childhood Education Basic course with the Association for Early Childhood Educators Singapore (AECES).

Veron believes teaching, trust, care, and respect are a two-way street. Every child is a unique person where they have a right to learn and explore in an inclusive environment. Children teach us to see things from a different perspective because of their natural curiosity and a sense of wonder. Thus, she learns from them as much as they learn from her.

FUN FACT: If you ever need a beauty tip don’t hesitate to ask Veron, she has the ability to transform anyone into a Hollywood star!

, — Alexandra
Jong Jong Say
Lead English Teacher

Jong started educating young children in 2008 and has worked in various early years educational settings. During her time in Australia, Jong did relief teaching across different long daycare centres and worked as an Early Childhood Teacher in a community-based Kindergarten for 4 years. Upon returning to Singapore in 2019, she was teaching in a Montessori school before joining Primus Schoolhouse.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching from Monash University Jong continued her studies and obtained a Master of Teaching (Early Years 0-8) in 2015 from The University of Melbourne.

While teaching at a funded Kindergarten, Jong worked closely with the local council and was involved in the ‘Seedlings’ Program – a program that values sustainability within the early years’ curriculum.

Jong believes that children learn best with meaningful hands-on interactions and collaboration with their families. The best way to learn more about each and every child is through continued communication.

FUN FACT: As an avid snowboarder who loves diving as well as being behind the pottery wheel brings Jong lots of joy and sanity and her home is filled with many of her creations and would soon need storage space for more upcoming pieces.

, — Alexandra
Wendy Tan
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Wendy is a Learning Enhancement Assistant providing Early Childcare with 12 years of experience in the field. Before working as an assistant teacher, Wendy was a full-time mom taking care of two boys (now 35 and 32). She enjoyed the days spent with them and this is one of the reasons why she is now an assistant teacher and grateful she made this decision today.

Wendy believes in planning individualised learning experiences to meet the developmental needs of each of the children under her care. The children thoroughly enjoy and appreciate her warmth, enthusiasm, and caring approach.

FUN FACT: Wendy is a certified baker and has achieved an Advanced Baking Course Certification from the established and recognised Baking Industry Training Centre (BITC). One of her “bestsellers” is the Pandan Chiffon Cake, which may look pretty simple and easy to do, but it really takes a lot of effort and patience to master the technique!

, — Alexandra
Ji Qun
Lead Chinese Teacher

Ji Qun is originally from China and has embarked on her teaching journey here in Singapore since 2014. She has enjoyed 8 years in the field teaching young children. She was awarded the Nursery Sing Composing Competition organised by the Chinese Media Group in 2020.

Ji Qun completed her early years training with SEED Institute, Singapore, and completed her WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood & Education (Chinese). Her passion for early years education spurred her to sign up for a Bachelor of Early Childhood & Chinese Language Education with the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She is now looking forward to graduation in 2023.

Preschool teachers not only take care of children’s learning and wellbeing but also guide them to develop good habits in all aspects. It is important to inculcate educational philosophy at this impressionable age. Ji Qun believes it is important for teachers to continuously improve their professional knowledge and teaching methods. A suitable learning environment will encourage children to observe, explore, learn and stimulate their creativity. All children deserve to grow in happiness and learning through fun.

FUN FACT: When Ji Qun is not in the classroom, she enjoys sitting back with her cookbook and experimenting in her kitchen. She enjoys cooking cuisine from all over the world!

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