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A class of preschool children learning how to form a "U" shape with their fingers
About Us

About the Team

We are a like-minded, experienced group of professional educators, executives and managers who are passionate about supporting children’s learning and development. Many of us have worked together before and are excited to reunite to build a truly unique Kindergarten experience for Singaporean and expatriate children and their families.
, — Bukit Timah

Peter Wong


Peter started his career as an engineer but later on, decided to make a career switch and chanced upon an opportunity to manage an orphanage in Cambodia. After his stint in Cambodia, he discovered a new found interest in teaching young children. On returning to Singapore, he decided to join Early Childhood Education and ever since then, a whole 14 years, there has been no looking back!

A curiosity towards teaching approaches has led him to further his studies and he completed a Master of Education (Early Childhood) with NTU. During this time, he was also awarded Certificate of Commendation STU Gold Medal.
Peter has successfully set up and managed a number of preschools, some with distinct features such as learning trails that are used to promote children’s curiosity and discovery through their senses. He aspires to recreate similar environments as he believes it has the potential to develop children’s creative and critical thinking skills.

His philosophy in early childhood education is very much related to the joy of learning:
“Teach the child and he will learn for the day. Teach the child the joy of learning and he will enjoy learning for a lifetime”.
He believes that children will enjoy what they learn when teachers enjoy what they teach. Teachers play a critical role in bringing the curriculum alive, making it enjoyable and fun for children to engage in. The child’s curiosity, exploratory behaviour and inquisitiveness will reflect
this joy of learning.

FUN FACT: Peter’s favourite pastime is learning to take great photos and gardening. It comes as no surprise that many of his photos are shots of nature such as plants, insects and animals!

Lead English Teacher Norhuda Alkaff
Norhuda Alkaff
Lead English Teacher

Huda is committed to lifelong learning with qualifications as an Early Years Educator and 10 years of experience in both the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Huda’s teaching experience in Singapore includes Head Assistant Teacher and Co-teacher at Blue House International School. During her time at Pegasus International Preschool, she was selected as an Environment Coordinator overseeing the design and set up of the school to reflect the inquiry-based approach to learning. She was also a Kindergarten and Nursery class teacher and was promoted to the role of Vice-Principal. Huda mentored educators and lead school operations.

Huda is gentle, positive and prides herself on her excellent interpersonal skills with children and parents. She enjoys caring for and educating the children at Primus and working with the parents to support the growth and development of the children.

FUN FACT: My dream is to own a garden nursery where I can grow lots of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers using hydroponics. Of course, there will be classes for children at my garden nursery too!

Lead Chinese Teacher Lu Xian Mei
Lu Xian Mei
Lead Chinese Teacher

Xian Mei is proud to be part of the dedicated team of teachers at Primus Schoolhouse. She has more than 22 years of experience as an early childhood educator and has worked in Singapore for 17 years. With Montessori experience, Xian Mei specializes in helping children to learn Chinese through engaging and effective activities such as movement and dance, songs, and games.

Xian Mei is passionate about the early childhood profession. She completed her degree in Early Childhood at the Singapore University of Social Sciences in 2017 and holds a Diploma in Preschool Education from Beijing Normal University and a Diploma in Preschool Education Teaching from KLC International Institute Singapore. She is also a qualified infant care education teacher.

Xian Mei is an enthusiastic and patient teacher who strives to give her best to the children. Immersing children in Mandarin as a second language is Xian Mei’s calling. With games, music, rhythm, art, and active teaching methods, she strives to have children fall in love with the Mandarin language.

FUN FACT: Xian Mei longs to have her own vegetable garden right outside her house and do what she loves best; gardening!

, — Bukit Timah
Jovette Gng
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Jovette is currently pursuing a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education at KLC International Institute. With a passion for teaching and big love for children, Jovette cherishes every moment in the classroom and looks forward to adding on to her wonderful 2 years of experience as an early childhood educator.

Jovette is a fun-loving and positive Early Childhood educator who believes in helping every child reach their fullest potential, through supporting their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and skills. She is unafraid of going to great lengths to ensure that every child is cared for and has a memorable learning experience.

Jovette wishes to provide children with endless learning opportunities. Thus, she strives to give children natural life lessons and chooses to model desired behaviour to help with their natural acquisition of language, social skills, mannerisms, and life skills.
She hopes to make a difference in every child’s life as they grow into confident and thoughtful individuals, and is eager to continue shaping young hearts and minds at Primus Schoolhouse.

FUN FACT: Jovette has a sweet tooth! She simply can’t resist waffles and ice cream and is constantly on the hunt for the best cafes in Singapore!

, — Bukit Timah
Yume Yang Yin Chan

Lead English Teacher

Yume is excited to join the Primus schoolhouse community, bringing with her a wealth of experience working with young children.

Yume graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from Zhejiang University, China. Upon graduation, she interned as a photojournalist in Southeast Asia. It was during this course many opportunities arose to interact with young children and this kindled her passion to start a career in education.

Upon returning to Singapore, Yume completed a Diploma in Early Childhood to enhance her knowledge and skills in nurturing children and joined the industry thereafter. A caring soul at heart, Yume believes that young children are the most motivated to learn when they had opportunities to make choices in an enriching and stimulating environment.

FUN FACT: Yume enjoys chasing the sunrise. She makes it a point to get up early and watch the sun rise every day.

Lead Chinese Teacher Charlene Yong
Charlene Yong
Lead Chinese Teacher

Charlene is a qualified Early Childhood Educator. She has acquired a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Teaching in Chinese from KLC International Institute Singapore. She has 7 years of experience within this sector and has orchestrated event planning in preschools for various celebrations and festivals. In her early childhood career, she has taught children of all ages.

Charlene enjoys teaching children through inquiry and play and believes that every child contributes to the classroom in their own unique way. She believes that a child’s world is full of creativity and imagination and respecting that encourages children to be confident learners.

Building relationships rooted in love is a key factor to facilitate learning in the classroom. Charlene hopes that she can impact every child through her fun, enthusiastic and creative lessons. She looks forward to helping the children build many wonderful memories at Primus Schoolhouse.

FUN FACT: Charlene enjoyed taking part in various competitions growing up. Did you know that Charlene clinched the champion for eating the most chicken wings in a TV contest, and had one year of chicken wings, free-of-charge!

, — Bukit Timah
Vivi Tang
Lead Chinese Teacher

As a passionate and dedicated Chinese teacher, Vivi possesses more than 10 years of working experience in both international and local childcare centres. She holds a degree in Preschool Education from South China Normal University and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Education from the University of Hong Kong.

Vivi is committed to bringing a natural, playful, and cultural learning experience to all children. In the past, she has initiated a karaoke program to introduce the Chinese language in a new, fun, and dynamic manner.

Vivi believes in the importance of immersing children in a second language at an early age. This not only helps children develop an ‘ear’ for the language but also aids in developing better pronunciation and fluency.

FUN FACT: Vivi is an ABRSM certified musician in piano and the violin. She hopes to one day be able to write songs for children and create a pattern that children can recognize and recall with an easel.

Lead English Teacher Renna Moreno
Reena Moreno
Lead English Teacher

With 9 years of experience in teaching children from Nursery to Kindergarten 2, Reena, a Lead English Teacher at Primus, brings a wealth of knowledge and skills as a highly professional, dedicated, and respected teacher. Reena spent most of her teaching years at Eton House Preschool, where she became proficient in inquiry-based learning. She emphasizes children’s active participation in learning and designs learning experiences that encourage and enable children to explore and make their discoveries.

Reena holds a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and a degree in Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology). Both qualifications have equipped her with a wealth of knowledge on child development and education.

Being versed in inquiry-based learning, she emphasizes children’s participation in the learning process. She believes in creating learning experiences that encourage and enable children to explore and make their discoveries. She sees the environment as the third teacher and takes great care in creating inviting spaces that allow exploration, collaboration, and expression.

FUN FACT: Reena loves outdoor activities such as cycling, running, and hiking. When traveling, she likes to explore interesting hiking trails and enjoys spending time surrounded by nature.

Lead Chinese Teacher Li Guixiang
Li Gui Xiang
Lead Chinese Teacher

Gui Xiang has been in the field of Chinese education with young children for 8 years and completed her degree in Early Childhood at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Gui Xiang follows and believes in the philosophy of “Love and Respect.” She believes this is the starting point of education. She is dedicated to her students and enjoys working with them and supporting their growth and development. Gui Xiang believes that children are individuals who learn in their unique way.

Gui Xiang is very much focused on developing the interests of each and every child through multiple teaching methods. She feels honoured to have the opportunity to see every child grow up and achieve success and happiness.

FUN FACT: Gui Xiang is an avid traveller who hopes to rediscover unknown islands and visit idyllic towns that are found in travel postcards.

, — Bukit Timah

Hsiao Ching Hsuan

Lead Chinese Teacher

Ching Hsuan brings with her years of experience in teaching and working with Kindergarteners aged 5-6 years old, She believes in the power of maintaining a positive energy and strives to see the best in everything! She graduated with an Associate Degree of Child Educare from Min-Hwei Junior College of Health Care Management in Taiwan.

Her 7 years of experience in the local preschool sector encourages her to grow her passion in teaching Chinese to children with the basis of providing a warm, safe and joyful learning environment for the children. She enjoys making use of delightful songs, stories, games and facilitating authentic learning experiences to cultivate children’s love for Chinese.

Known for her virtue of helpfulness, Ching Hsuan loves working with others and is open to learning from her students and fellow colleagues. Her dream is to nurture and educate young children to their highest potential.

FUN FACT: Ching Hsuan drinks a lot of milk every day!

Lead English Teacher Tania Gan
Tania Gan
Lead English Teacher

A child at heart, Tania enjoys her role as a facilitator and playmate with children as she learns and grows alongside them to explore and discover the world. She has 8 years of teaching and leadership experience in the Early Childhood industry and has experience teaching and designing authentic learning experiences to develop the whole child.

Tania has achieved a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and was the recipient of the Head of School Award from Deakin University, Australia.

Tania believes in learning through purposeful play and the use of relationship-based practices to nurture a community of learners. Building trusting and warm relationships with children and their families is essential for their optimal development and learning in school. She consistently strives to create an emotionally secure space where children support one another, actively try new things, and are not afraid to make and learn from mistakes as they learn and grow in their early years.

FUN FACT: Having lived, studied, and worked in Singapore all her life, Tania’s dream is to experience living abroad, immersing in different cultures, and meeting people from all walks of life.

, — Bukit Timah

Tong Wan Li

Lead Chinese Teacher

Wanli graduated from Shanghai Teachers School of Arts. She was a Primary School Music Teacher for 9 years in Shanghai before coming to Singapore. In Singapore, she is a qualified Early Educator with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Teaching in Chinese. To date, she has 10 years of Preschool teaching experience.

Wanli is passionate about music and dancing. In 2020, she choreographed and personally led a prize-winning team dance. She has also won a Teacher’s award. She likes to include music, dance and drama elements into her teaching, to encourage “learn in playing”, “learn in movements” and “learn in fun” in children. She is a huge believer that enriching and enlivening the teaching environment is the best way to learn. She pays attention to detailed individual development of each child and especially enjoys sharing everyday stories with them. She aspires to be a teacher as well as a friend to all the children.

Her philosophy: every flower needs its own time to bloom; what we need is patience, love and a little wisdom.

FUN FACT: Wanli loves taking pictures and videos when going out on weekends or on trips, and putting them together into montages and clips for sharing with friends. All these are treasured moments that she holds close to her heart!

Lead English Teacher Anne Chua
Anne Chua
Lead English Teacher

Anne graduated from Singapore Institute of Technology, Wheelock College with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and has had the opportunity to work with young children and families in the area of Process Art and Education over the last 12 years. With art as part of her core experiences, she enjoys teaching children through the arts.

Anne values children’s play and takes pride in planning and designing fun, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences for young children. She also believes that it is vital to instil values and virtues such as kindness, empathy, and self-confidence from an early age. Anne works towards building a classroom environment where young children feel supported and nurtured when trying new things, expressing their thoughts, and taking risks.

FUN FACT: Anne is an animal lover! She has kept hamsters, fish, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and caterpillars as pets.

Learning Enhancement Assistant Joyce Khoo Kai Lin
Joyce Khoo Kai Lin
Learning Enhancement Assistant

Joyce has been an educator in early childhood for about 18 years and obtained a teaching diploma in early childhood and has enjoyed a wide range of experience from pre-nursery to K2. She has received two innovation grant awards throughout her career, reflecting her enthusiasm and commitment to providing the children with impactful and authentic learning experiences.

Nature has a special place in her heart and she also believes children will benefit and learn from its wonder. Joyce has incorporated learning through nature through her work with Nparks on a school project called “Edible Plants in a Nostalgic Garden.” Joyce will no doubt help us to maximize all the opportunities we have to learn using the beautiful environment of Bukit Tinggi.

Joyce has an avid interest in both art and photography. A skilled storyteller, Joyce believes that children learn not only in their classrooms but also with their surroundings and community.

FUN FACT: Joyce likes to taste interesting flavours of ice cream whether in Singapore or while she is travelling. The most interesting flavours she tried were tofu, salted eggs, bak kwa and squid ink.

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