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A class of preschool children learning how to form a "U" shape with their fingers
About Us

About the Team

We are a like-minded, experienced group of professional educators, executives and managers who are passionate about supporting children’s learning and development. Many of us have worked together before and are excited to reunite to build a truly unique Kindergarten experience for Singaporean and expatriate children and their families.
, — River Valley
Jobina Pay

Jo is no stranger to the Early Education industry. She holds a diploma in Teaching and Leadership for Early Childhood Education and has obtained a Bachelor Degree in Education from James Cook University.

Jo is perceptive and well trained in the Singapore Curriculum for Early Education, and the Australian Curriculum. She has also completed her teaching diploma in music and loves incorporating that in all aspects of the school! 

As an avid educator that empowers her teachers, Jo believes that teachers hold the ability to nurture every individual to sparkle.

A fun fact about Jo: She can play many musical instruments including the piano, violin, ukulele, and guitar, and is always looking to expand that knowledge!

, — River Valley
Lead teacher & Centre Coordinator

Yani has been working in early years education since 2015. Being a teacher provides a sense of fulfilment especially when she gets to celebrate the little things in life everyday with the children. As a mother, Yani relates the experiences at school and she is great at planning fun activities for the children!

FUN FACT: Being a preschool teacher was her dream job when she was young and she is living it with passion and love!

, — River Valley
Team Teacher

Naqiah’s start in the early years began as an assistant teacher for 4 years prior to joining us. With the knowledge and experience during her time at Centre Stage School of the Arts, not only as a duty of team teacher, she has created some production props, assisted in creative drama, ballet and has been a part of a backstage crew that collaborated with the MBS Theatre! Being around the children makes Naqiah feel alive!

FUN FACT: Naqiah’s interest in props and costumes is still very much in her! She is our dedicated Santarina for Christmas and any other dress-up school parties. She loves travelling other than sports, outdoor activities, arts and martial arts!

, — River Valley
PK Preetha Nair

Lead Teacher

Preetha has always been passionate about teaching young children. She takes pride in contributing the developmental of a child. Her classroom is always filled with fun, lots of learning and new adventures! Getting to share this priceless experience with children, meeting learning goals gives her a truly magical feeling inside.

Preetha holds an Advance Certificate in Early Years (ACEY). Today, she is a lead teacher and have been teaching the little ones from Playgroup and Pre-Nursery.

FUN FACT: Preetha is a fun, caring and patient person. Her secret identity ‘She is known as an obsessively clean person’, making sure everything is clean and in order!

, — River Valley
Sarinah Bee
Team Teacher

Sarinah was a hospitality manager who made the jump to pursue a Fundamental Certificate course in Early Childhood Education. She believes in the joy of seeing children taking new steps and learning new things. Watching children grow up makes her want to grow together with them hence she continued to further her education in Early Childhood Education and recently completed her ACEY (Advance Certificate in Early Years). She believes every child learns through play and it is an educator’s responsibility to bring the fun to children to explore. She’s looking forward creating memorable moments with all the children!

FUN FACT: Sarinah comes from a family of mixed culture (Indian, Malay, Chinese). In Singapore slang, she is a “Rojak” (Rojak means an “eclectic mix”).

, — River Valley
Urenee Jayakumaran
Lead Teacher (Pre-Nursery)

Urenee believes “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle. Her humble beginning as an assistant teacher in Playgroup started with us in 2007 when she pursued a Fundamentals Certificate In Early Childhood Care and Education and Certificate In Infant and Toddler Care and Development.

After completing her certificates in Early Childhood Education, she took on the role of Playgroup Co-lead teacher. Today, she has completed Advanced Certificate in Early Years and she is a lead teacher in Pre-Nursery. Urenee is dedicated in making her classroom a fun and enjoyable space where both teacher and children enjoy a meaningful learning experience together.

FUN FACT: Urenee is a mother of two daughters, Vinorenee and Vinoshini and she happens to be their teacher in Playgroup and Pre-Nursery as they both started off their preschool at the school. Urenee feels it is amazing and one of the greatest memories of being her own children’s first teacher and something she would proudly share with her future generation.

, — River Valley
Nurrul Izzati
Lead Teacher

Nurrul holds a Certificate in infant and toddler development. She began her journey as a team teacher when she started with us in 2010 and now she has taken on the role of a lead teacher. She believes that “Students learn best when they feel welcomed, comfortable and safe.”

FUN FACT: She loves to spend her free time going to malls and dining in any restaurant with family and friends. She also likes to travel and explore.

, — River Valley
Chloe Tan
Lead Teacher

Having been in the early childhood industry for 7 years, Chloe finds herself having that continuing passion as she finds joy in facilitating play and is always excited to grow alongside with the children. She believes in using different and interesting ways of exploring and learning about the world together with her students.

As much as she is excited about imparting new concepts and skills to her students, she also sees values of kindness, care and resilience as of equal and vital importance. As part of the growth journey in her students’ life, she also treasures good communication with the parents as part of the stakeholders in Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory.

FUN FACT: Chloe enjoys embracing cultural differences through exploring the food, activities and fashion of other countries! She hopes to travel and explore the world together with her partner one day!

, — River Valley
Rochelle Esteves

Lead Teacher

Children has different ways of learning. As a teacher, we should respect it and bring the best of them. Rochelle is a goal setter, her goals are to make the children happy, confident, and able to uplift children’s interest in lesson or activity. She teaches the children to be independent in all aspects including making decisions and problem solving through communicating with other children.

Rochelle took on a Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Manila, Philippines. She started her career as a preschool teacher since 2014 here in Singapore. Rochelle has dedicated her time and effort in in another local preschool here in Singapore for three years and today, Rochelle has been a nursery teacher at our school since its inception in 2019.

FUN FACTS: Rochelle was a primary school teacher for 2 years in a private school in Philippines. The reason she gave to her students before she left the school was, she will pursue her career as a “CELEBRITY!”

, — River Valley
Kalyani Moturi
Team Teacher

Kalyani is our passionate team teacher who supports the team closely. As a mother of two, she has first-hand experience with children. She cares for the children in the Nursery class, and always offer a helping hand.

Kalyani has joined this noble profession for 12 years with critical and imaginative thinking and focus. Some of her qualities include good team spirit, organisation and clear and effective communication.

FUN FACT: “I chose teaching as my profession because I want to make a difference- impart knowledge and I truly believe that if a change can happen in the nation it’s only through education and the soul is the teacher.”

, — River Valley
Nuris Sohri
Team Teacher

Nuris has been teaching children from 7 to 16 years old in different subjects ranging from English, Mathematics, and Science for more than ten years. Before becoming a full-time preschool teacher, she tutored primary-level students specializing in the Singapore-Cambridge curriculum. She has always enjoyed teaching and finds joy in imparting skills & expertise to the future generation.

Working with children of age below seven has taught her the meaning of FUN. Allowing herself to be part of their day makes her realized what she has been missing out on in her life. In addition, the children makes her dedicated towards providing a safe and nurturing space for learning.

FUN FACT: Nuris is a bookaholic. She spends time reading books and articles. She cannot wait to help her students be better readers and expose them to new reading adventures. She is constantly looking to upgrade herself academically to fulfil her aspirations.

, — River Valley
Shivani Saravanan
Lead Teacher

Shivani resonates and believes in the importance of intercultural coherence, thus she recognizes that every child is a unique individual who should be given a safe and fun environment that provides equal opportunities to grow in. She strives to provide a supportive learning environment that embraces diversity, fosters appreciation, and celebrates differences. She is dedicated to co-learn alongside the children, rendering them guidance and encouragement through every step of their learning.

Shivani has a passion and love for the Arts. She believes in using the arts to ignite the passion in children for their learning, as it encourages the children to explore the world and express themselves. Shivani also believes in creating a positive home school partnership as throughout her years of experience, she has witnessed how strong bonds between the home and school have benefitted children holistically. She has 9 years of teaching experience in France and Singapore in the early years.

FUN FACT: Shivani has a passion for Arts and a deep love for languages and world history particularly the renaissance history. In her free time, she is doing paintings with her daughter or redecorating different areas of her home according to trend. She has a secret penchant for teas, ice cream, exploring Singapore and the colour green.

, — River Valley
Zhu Wen Shi
Mandarin Teacher

Wen Shi graduated from Shenyang Normal University with a Major in Pre-school Education. She has worked as a main class teacher in China for 3 years, arranged children’s day activities and organized teaching activities, and started working as a Chinese teacher with us in Singapore in 2019.

Wen Shi believes that early childhood is a key period for language acquisition and development thus she actively provides children with a supportive Chinese language environment, with games to guide children’s interest in learning the language.

FUN FACT: Wen Shi is a musician! She plays multiple instruments and sometimes conduct ukulele lessons with a small group of children after hours!

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