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A class of preschool children learning how to form a "U" shape with their fingers

About the Team

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the staff of Primus Schoolhouse Bukit Timah. Reflecting our internationalism, the PSH staff bring together skill and experiences from a wide range of countries and cultures. The PSH team is united by a passion for providing a nurturing and dynamic early years education for our young learners.

Founding Director Louise Grant Holding A Book

Louise Grant

Founding Director

Louise Grant is the Founding Director of Primus Schoolhouse, Singapore.

She was Founding Principal of SJI International Elementary School Singapore, having previously been the Curriculum Coordinator at United World College of South East Asia.

Prior to UWCSEA, she was Head of Year 5 and 6 at Alice Smith British School, Malaysia.

After gaining a Master of Education (with Merit) from the University of Sydney, Louise’s first experience of international education was as Founding Head of Primary at the Australian International School, Singapore.

During her time in Australia, Louise was the Founding Head of Primary at The McDonald College, a specialist performing Arts school and Principal at St Mary’s Primary School in NSW. Louise served on the Association of Catholic Schools Principals and as a member of the Principal’s Executive, Louise enjoyed mentoring principals across the region.

Louise is delighted to have returned to the vibrant education scene in Singapore to lead the establishment of Primus Schoolhouse premium kindergartens in Singapore.

FUN FACT: Following a lifelong passion for ballet and dance, Louise was privileged to curtsy to Queen Elizabeth II; a memorable moment.

Director, Chinese Programmes Chia Puay Leng

Chia Puay Leng

Director of Chinese Programmes

Chia Puay Leng was the Head of Chinese at SJII Elementary School (2010 – 2018) and the Head of Asian Languages at SJII High School (2007 – 2009).

Puay Leng was instrumental in developing the Chinese curriculum in both schools. At SJII ES, she led a team of dedicated teachers to create a conducive and effective environment for learning Chinese. Prior to this, Puay Leng taught students from the ages of 4 to 18 at The United College of Southeast Asia.

Xie Laoshi has worked with preschool children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years when she was the Director and Centre Supervisor at the Experiential Learning Centre.

As the senior producer at the Ministry of Education (1999 – 2000), she directed in-house videos and educational programmes for the Ministry.

Puay Leng holds a Master of Education, a Diploma (Leadership) in Early Childhood Studies and a Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

FUN FACT: Puay Leng lived in Singapore’s last surviving village, Kampong Lorong Buangkok, until she was 18. She will never forget waking up to a python under her bed!

Operations Director Kristy Chissom

Kristy Chissom

Operations Director

Joining the Primus Schoolhouse team is Kristy’s first experience in the education sector and she has found a new niche, thoroughly enjoying interacting with the children and their families and being an integral part of the life of the school. In her role, as Administration Manager, she oversees the finance, operations and enrolment processes.

Kristy has over 20 years of experience in finance and corporate accounting in the USA and Singapore. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the University of Houston, TX, USA.

Originally from Alabama, USA, Kristy has been living in Singapore for 18 years. She is an avid trail runner and owner of two cats and a dog, who she likes to take on long hikes and runs on the beach. Kristy brings many skills and knowledge from her background and great enthusiasm from supporting all facets of the school.

FUN FACT: Kristy has mingled with the Hollywood elite during her time as an extra on the 1994 movie Cobb.

Principal Masni Shai

Masni Shai


With a passion in Early Childhood Care & Education, Masni has pursued an academic career that focuses on pre-school development and organizational management. Her excellence in the field has opened up management responsibilities which gave her the privilege of leading three preschools as a principal prior to joining Primus.

After 15 years of experience working with children, parents and teachers, Masni’s role includes mentoring teachers as well as organisational development. She strives to bring forth a nurturing, vibrant and dynamic environment to not only encourage but to inspire children to discover and develop their own talents.

Masni believes that constant professional growth and personal development is important as an education provider, thus she is actively engaged in career education and development.

FUN FACT: Masni has always carried a passion for dance. She is currently trying to master the intricate techniques of the bachata. The dance in 2019 was even named an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in the Dominican Republic by UNESCO!

Administration and Operations Manager/ Head Learning Enhancement Tina Lim

Tina Lim

Head Learning Enhancement

Tina Lim is a trained Teacher Assistant and is Head Teacher Assistant at Primus Schoolhouse. She completed a certification course in Middle Leadership for International Schools and the NSPCC Child Protection in Schools.

Tina joined Primus in October 2018. She spent 3 years in a government primary school before joining SJII Elementary School in 2008. There she was appointed Head of Teaching Partners in 2010. She enjoyed both her roles, but especially enhancing learning within the classroom.

Tina is trained in Primus’ character education program, The Virtues Project. She believes learning should be child-centred and school must be a place where children feel secure and comfortable.

FUN FACT: Tina’s dream is to be able to experience driving a Singapore Bus Services (SBS) bus one day. Primus Schoolhouse teachers can’t wait to be on that bus!

Admissions Officer Tee Pangilinan

Tee Pangilinan

Admissions Officer

Tee moved to Singapore in 2008 where she worked in the healthcare industry for 8 years from operations to the corporate side of sales and marketing. She joined Primus Schoolhouse from a top American international school where she moved through a progression of roles, increasing in responsibilities in the Admissions Department over the previous 4 years.

Tee is a fitness buff, regularly engaging in physical activities that spark her interest. She is an avid off-road runner, always open to exploring uncharted territory. She also runs when she travels, rain or shine. Her compassion and big heart for others leads her to always find meaning and relevance in what she does, making sure that she is making an impact to others and being purposeful.

Tee holds two Bachelor of Science degrees. Her goal is to live life to the fullest while making a difference in others’ lives.

FUN FACT: Tee makes it a goal to run a few miles in every country she has travelled to, rain or shine!

Lead English Teacher Norhuda Alkaff

Norhuda Alkaff

Lead English Teacher

As a life-long learner, Norhuda is a highly qualified Early Years educator with qualifications from both the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Norhuda’s teaching experience in Singapore includes Head Assistant Teacher and Co-teacher at Blue House International School. During her time at Pegasus International Preschool, she was selected as an Environment Coordinator overseeing the design and set up of the school to reflect the inquiry based approach to learning. She was also a Kindergarten and Nursery class teacher, and was promoted to the role of Vice Principal and gained two years’ experience in mentoring educators and leading school operations.

Norhuda is gentle, positive and prides herself on her excellent interpersonal skills with children and parents. She is looking forward to caring for and educating the children at Primus and working with parents to support the growth and development of the children.

FUN FACT: Huda’s dream is to backpack in the scenic Australian Outback. Did you know that there are over 150 different Indigenous languages spoken across Central Australia!

Lead Chinese Teacher Lu Xian Mei

Lu Xian Mei

Lead Chinese Teacher

Lu Xianmei is excited to join the dedicated team of teachers at Primus Schoolhouse. She has more than 20 years of experience as an early childhood educator and has worked in Singapore for 15 years. With Montessori experience,  Lu Laoshi specializes in helping children to learn Chinese through engaging and effective activities such as movement and dance, songs and games.

Lu Xianmei is passionate about the early childhood profession. She completed her degree in Early Childhood at the Singapore University of Social Sciences in 2017 and holds a Diploma in Preschool Education from Beijing Normal University and a Diploma in Preschool Education Teaching from KLC International Institute Singapore. She is also a qualified infant care education teacher.

Lu Xianmei is an enthusiastic and patient teacher who strives to give her best to the children.

FUN FACT: Xianmei longs to have her own vegetable garden right outside her house and do what she loves best; gardening!

Learning Enhancement Assistant Nisa Mhairi

Nisa Mhairi

Learning Enhancement Assistant

Nisa has earned a diploma in Early Childhood Education while also earning a diploma in Customer Relationship & Service Management. She has three years of experience in Early Childhood. Nisa firmly believes that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore and discover new things around them.

Nisa believes in collaborative learning. This is necessary in cultivating essential skills and values such as communication, cooperation, negotiation, patience, and understanding. It is also very important to recognize each child’s varying learning styles and learning needs in order to create a nurturing classroom environment.

Nisa is a literature and art enthusiast at heart so she strives to impart her love of books and art onto the children through storytelling, singing, drawing and painting.

FUN FACT: Nisa loves to watch horror movies even though she is easily scared. Putting her fears aside, her dream is to be part of a Hollywood horror film!

Lead English Teacher Anne Chua

Anne Chua

Lead English Teacher

Anne graduated from Singapore Institute of Technology- Wheelock College with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and has had the opportunity to work with young children and families in the area of Art and Education over the last 10 years. With art as part of her core experience she enjoys teaching children through the arts.

Anne values children’s play and takes pride in planning and designing fun, engaging and meaningful learning experiences for young children. As much as learning and discovery is important, it is vital to instill values and virtues such as kindness, empathy and self-confidence. In every child, with every class, she works towards building an environment where young children feel supported and nurtured when trying new things, expressing their thoughts and taking risks.

FUN FACT: Anne is an animal lover! Did you know that otters hold hands when sleeping to prevent drifting away from each other!

Lead Chinese Teacher Li Guixiang

Li Guixiang

Lead Chinese Teacher

Li Guixiang has enjoyed seven years in the field of Chinese education with young children. There is never a dull moment! She is pursuing her bachelor degree in Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education at Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) and is currently in her last year as an undergraduate.

Li Guixiang follows and believes in her philosophy of “Love and Respect.” This is the starting point of education. She is dedicated to her students and enjoys working with them. She believes that children are individuals who learn in their own unique way.

She is very much focused on developing the interests of each and every child through multiple teaching methods. She feels honoured to have the opportunity to see every child grow up and achieve success and happiness.

FUN FACT: Li Guixiang is an avid traveller who hopes to rediscover unknown islands and visit idyllic towns that are found in travel postcards.

Learning Enhancement Assistant Trixhia Yeo

Trixhia Yeo

Learning Enhancement Assistant

Trixhia has 9 years of experience working with young children. She graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching under EDCA’s scholarship scheme.

During her years as an Early Childhood Educator, she has taught classes at all levels and at the same time lead centre-wide projects such as EDCA’s Practitioner Inquiry Grant and President’s challenge – Start Small Dream Big. Trixhia was also the Niche Programme Teacher, spearheading the Logical Smart curriculum on Technology toys, Strawbees and LEGO. She has been trained in the implementation of the Virtues Project.

As an educator, Trixhia firmly believes that parents are the child’s first teachers and a strong partnership with the family is essential in nurturing the child holistically. She also feels that children thrive best in an environment where they are empowered to make choices.

Lead English Teacher Tania Gan

Tania Gan

Lead English Teacher

A child at heart, Tania enjoys her role as a facilitator and playmate with children as she learns and grows alongside them to explore and discover the world. She has 7 years of teaching and leadership experiences in the local Early Childhood industry, and has experiences teaching and designing curriculums to educate children.

Tania believes in the importance of building a community of learners where children are emotionally secured to learn and explore actively within their learning environment. As such, Tania strives towards building trusting bonds with the children and establishing positive working relationships with parents and colleagues to maintain a good support system. She is also very excited to incorporate The Virtues Project at Primus to teach and encourage children to become lifelong learners and gracious citizens of the world.

FUN FACT: Having lived, studied and worked in Singapore all her life, Tania’s dream is to experience living abroad, immersing in different cultures and meeting people from all walks of life.

Lead Chinese Teacher Charlene Yong

Charlene Yong

Lead Chinese Teacher

Charlene is a qualified Early Childhood Educator. She has acquired a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Teaching in Chinese from KLC International Institute Singapore. She has 6 years of experience within this sector and has orchestrated event planning in preschools for various celebrations and festivals. In her early childhood career, she has taught children of all ages.

She enjoys teaching children through inquiry and play, and believes that every child contributes to the classroom in their own unique way. She believes that a child’s world is full of creativity and imagination and respecting that encourages children to be confident learners.

Building relationships rooted in love is a key factor to facilitate learning in the classroom. Charlene hopes that she can impact every child through her fun, enthusiastic and creative lessons. She looks forward to building many wonderful memories in Primus.

FUN FACT: Charlene’s dream is to go to Iceland and live amongst the locals in an igloo! She also wishes to do ice fishing and sleep under the Northern Lights!

Learning Enhancement Assistant Joyce Khoo Kai Lin

Joyce Khoo Kai Lin

Learning Enhancement Assistant

Joyce is a passionate educator who has been teaching for over 15 years. She has a teaching Diploma in Early Childhood and a wide range of experience from Pre Nursery to K2.

Joyce has received two innovation grant awards throughout her career, reflecting her enthusiasm and commitment to providing the children with impactful and authentic learning experiences.

No stranger to nature, Joyce has worked with Nparks on a school project called “Edible Plants in a Nostalgic Garden.” Joyce will no doubt help us to maximize all the opportunities we have to learn using the beautiful environment of Bukit Tinggi.

Joyce has an avid interest in both art and photography. A skilled story teller, Joyce believes that children learn not only in their classrooms but also with their surroundings and community.

FUN FACT: Joyce’s dream is to purchase a beautiful farmhouse with her mum and be part of a farmer’s community, growing her own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lead English Teacher Renna Moreno

Renna Moreno

Lead English Teacher

With nine years of experience in teaching children from Nursery to Kindergarten 2, Reena Moreno, a Lead English Teacher at Primus, brings a wealth of knowledge and skills as a highly professional, dedicated and respected teacher.

Reena achieved a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and was very successful in a variety of research roles. Her love of children can be seen through her work with “A Child Can” foundation and other research centred around children. This work fuelled her passion to become a teacher.

After achieving a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, Reena commenced her teaching career in Singapore. Her most recent posting was at Eton House Pre School where as a Lead Teacher, Reena fulfilled the responsibilities of the role with excellence. She has gained an outstanding reputation as a caring, skilled and passionate teacher.

FUN FACT: Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world! Reena’s dream is to visit all of them by public transportation. She can’t wait to enjoy all the pizza and pasta!

Lead Chinese Teacher Vivi Tang

Vivi Tang

Lead Chinese Teacher

As a passionate and dedicated Chinese teacher, Vivi Tang posses more than 10 years of working experience in both international and local childcare centres. She holds a degree in Preschool Education from South China Normal University and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Education from the University of Hong Kong.

Vivi is committed to bringing a natural, playful, and cultural learning experience to all children. In the past she has initiated a karaoke program to introduce the Chinese language in a new, fun, and dynamic manner!

Vivi believes in the importance of exposing children to a second language at an early age. This not only helps children develop an ‘ear’ for the language but also aids in developing better pronunciation and fluency.

FUN FACT: Vivi is an ABRSM certified musician in piano and the violin. She hopes to one day be able to write songs for children and create a pattern that children can recognize and recall with ease!

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