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A class of preschool children answering a teacher excitedly with bright smiles on their faces

Preschool Art Enrichment – Art Classes For Children

A preschool boy and girl are reading a Chinese picture book together

Making Art allows children to explore their sensory faculties and discover the immediate world around them. Through the use of art tools, children learn to develop control of their large and small muscle groups, while enjoying the feel of paint and other media on their hands and exploring how colours can be mixed together to create beautiful results.

Penn Junior Academy offers a quality art programme for students to gain mastery in art making. Through our programme, we aim to develop each child’s creativity and facilitate their learning and understanding of art. Art techniques are built upon and skills in drawing, painting, and manipulation of different media are explored facilitate the children’s understanding of art processes and enrich their imagination. Fun stories and songs are also included to provide the children with a rich experience.

Primus Schoolhouse is famous for our Character Education Programme and the focus on values during each session supports the children’s growth in this area of their development.

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